PowerGADS - Automate your ticket creation using PI/SCADA Data

PowerGADS is the leading GADS software in the US, trusted by ISO/RTO’s as well as the largest utilities in the country.  The solution simplifies GADS management and reporitng and also provides optional  automation of event and performance data from PI/SCADA or real-time systems. 50+ reports and dashboards are provided or use ad-hoc reporting to create your own.  Advanced analytics capability using AI/ML also provides insights on preventive maintenance,  optimal outage scheduling., and a host of other areas related to asset reliability and performance

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What is GADS?

GADS (Generating Availability Data System) is a data reporting system designed by NERC. It facilitates a broad analysis of power plant performance and reliability across the industry. Accurate GADS reporting is essential to monitor the reliability of the grid and ensure the availability of power generation facilities.

Why PowerGADS ?

PowerGADS, Integ Consulting’s state-of-the-art solution, takes the hassle out of GADS reporting. It automates the collection and reporting of power plant performance data, ensuring precision, reliability, and compliance with NERC standards. With PowerGADS, businesses can focus more on their core operations, with the confidence that their GADS reporting is accurate and timely. PowerGADs can also perform and publish KPI metrics

How does PowerGADS help in NERC regulatory compliance?

Beyond internal use, PowerGADS expertly packages this data and submits it to either ISO/RTO or the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), adhering to the standard “card” formats. PowerGADS can automate the entire process from event and performance record creation and validation so users only need to review the final data. This seamless data automation and submission process streamlines compliance and reporting, eliminating the complexities typically associated with such tasks. Note that nearly every ISO/RTO in the country utilizes PowerGADS, making it the most trusted solution in the industry

What is NERC?

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is a non-profit international regulatory authority. Their central duty is to ensure the reliability and security of the bulk power system in North America. NERC is pivotal in maintaining a reliable and secure power grid through the establishment and enforcement of standards.

Benefits of using PowerGADS for NERC Event Reporting

Trusted and Accurate

Our system is so accurate it is trusted by ISO/RTO providers to collect and calculate participate GADS data that is then submitted to NERC.

Simplified Management and Automated Event Creation

PowerGADS minimizes manual work and automates key tasks so you can focus on analyzing Reliability and Performance

Reporting - Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

Over 50+ Reports and Dashboards are available including the ability to create ad-hoc reports and build Advance Analytics and Machine Learning solutions.

NERC GADS Compliance Resources

About NERC


latest GADS Update


Benefits of PowerGADS for NERC Event Reporting

Flexible Report Creation

The Ad Hoc Reporting Tool allows users to quickly create custom reports on the fly using over 100 NERC DRI Parameters.  Additional items such as event contribution percent allows users to easily see how what percent an individual event contributed to an EFORD or any other metric. Users can save queries for future reports and further ease. Integ offers a comprehensive set of reports off-the-shelf, and Integ can also include custom formatted reports. Creating a NERC 05/07 report is as easy as selecting your units and clicking a button. Additional Charts and Dashboards as well as Advanced  Analytics using Machine Learning can also be created on-demand.

Minimal Data Entry, Minimized Errors

Without automation, clients only have to enter event start and end time, Cause Code, and Amplification Code. Cause Codes are available from a tree list that contains codes applicable to that unit. At the end of the month, users will have to enter total generation, but everything else is pre-populated (but editable for ease of use). If you have a PI or SCADA system, then we can easily automate the entire process and create all the tickets and performance data. Please schedule a demonstration for more information.

Maximize your GADS Data with Added Functionality

Extended GADS functionality allows companies to 

  *  Integrate PI/SCADA data for additional Analytics

  *  Integrate Internal or ISO Real-Time Outage systems with GADS to automate event creation or for comparison

  *  Perform Predictive Maintenance

  *  Automated Reserve Shutdown Creation

  *  Eford Forecasting

Excellent Support Services

Quick responses, seamless upgrades, and the ability to answer market questions provide our clients with unparalleled support services. NERC Cause Code updates are delivered before NERC implementation, so that users never have to worry about the latest requirements.

User Friendly

PowerGADS was built for an intuitive user experience, minimizing training requirements and greatly easing user adoption.


NERC GADS data is submitted through the GADS Open Source software or third party apps like PowerGADS. It includes operational statistics, event data, and derived statistics, following NERC’s defined formats and protocols.

NERC GADS provides comprehensive operational data that helps identify patterns, trends, and anomalies. This information aids in enhancing the reliability and efficiency of the power grid.

NERC GADS data allows companies to analyze performance and availability of equipment, identify patterns, and predict future performance. This helps in optimizing maintenance schedules, thereby improving operational efficiency
Non-compliance with NERC GADS can result in penalties, including fines. It also risks operational inefficiencies due to a lack of valuable performance data analysis.

NERC provides detailed guidelines outlining the methods for data collection, the formats for data submission, the types of events to report, and how to conduct data audits. It ensures the data’s accuracy and consistency.