Outage Management Software

Reduce Outage Management Manual Time by 60%

Simplify forced outage notification and automate dispatch with PowerManager for Solar, Wind, and Fossil Fuel Generators.

Automating Workflow Processes

Automate all parts of the outage process with PowerManager

  • Automate ISO Real-Time Outages
  • Limit Calculations Generated by Machine Learning
  • Streamlined Plant Communications
  • Robust Built-in OMS Analytics Dashboard
Supports all ISO

PowerManager connects to any ISO/RTO for Real-time outage management.

Automate and Simplify

Automation and workflow are used to reduce errors by up to 99% and reduce manual time by 60%. This allows personnel to focus on operations


The system offers over 50+ reports and dashboards out of the box or create your own.

Outage Management Software

Manage your generating assets better & automate processes using machine learning

End-to-End Outage Management

Internal Workflow and alerting, bi-directional ISO/RTO interface, limit calculation, and reporting all in one easy to use solution.

Automated Outages and Limits

Focus on your core operations by automating key items and reducing errors and manual time

Plant logs, Reports, and Parameters

Plant logs, Reports, and Parameters can all be managed in a unified fashion

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OMS Software Dashboard

PowerManager - Outage Management Solution

Crafted by Integ Consulting, PowerManager integrates all plant-related outage events and activities, dispatch instructions, event logs, unit capabilities, limits/ambient conditions, and reporting into one comprehensive solution.

Product Summary

With PowerManager, your OMS automatically recognizes when an outage or AVR/PSS event is occurring through PI/SCADA integration and automatically creates an accurate ticket with all the of the key ISO information for operators to review and submit with only one click.

Product Features

PowerManager integrates with every ISO/RTO in the US and Canada; one system can be used for multiple ISO/RTO.

Why PowerManager ?

PowerManager not only optimizes your outage response, minimizing downtime, but also ensures accuracy, timeliness, and compliance in GADS Outage Reporting by creating GADS events from real-time events and updating them as required based on PI data.


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